Monday, 3 September 2018

"Fall" in love with Autumn: Ten Quotes

HELLO Everyone!

HELLO Autumn!
HELLO Apples!
HELLO Pumpkins!
HELLO Cool, crisp air!
HELLO Leaves!

If you're like me, you've been saying your sad good-byes to summer. Now, as the Autumnal Equinox spins our way once more, it's time to embrace a brand new season. So, join me in saying, "Hello, Fall, my old friend. Welcome back."

Wishing You a very nice Autumn!

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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Cu parfum de "nu v-am uitat" ...

Mă mai bucură încă de odihnă ..  Deși fac acest lucru acum cu un indiciu ... ma "parfumez" bine pentru maine !
În plus, această vacanță pe blog îmi face tare bine ...
Mă simt liberă ca o pasăre.

I still enjoy my rest Although I do that now with a nod to ... "I want to smell good, tomorrow" Furthermore, this blog holiday pleases me very well.
I feel as free as a bird.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Hot, long summer vacation!

[RO] E clar că a început să bată vântul (vacanței) prin "blog land" și vă spuneam că peste 4 săptămâni, (asta scriam acum o săptămână) am să-mi iau vacanță, dar .... socoteala de acasă nu se potrivește cu cea din târg! Uite că va trebui să iau vacanță mult mai repede. Vara aceasta se vor schimbă anumite lucruri în viața mea! Nu e de rău, e de bine, zic eu, dar toată această schimbare vine cu stress la pachet. De aceea am scris în titlu "hot" ca să nu scriu stress! Cu multă muncă dar și cu vacanță desigur. Probabil că voi lipsi mai mult ca de obicei. Încă nu știu exact, dar s-ar putea să fie chiar jumătatea lui septembrie atunci când mă voi întoarce pe blog!

Am închis comentariile la această postare pentru a evita dezamăgiri. Nu am timp să va răspund la ele, dar va mulțumesc de acum pentru toate gândurile voastre bune pe care mi le trimiteți!

Va doresc o vacanță plăcută cu multă relaxare, odihnă și voie bună!
Vacanță plăcută și un concediu minunat!

[EN] It is clear that the vacation wind has begun through the "blog land"! I told you that over 4 weeks (this is what I was writing a week ago) I will take my vacation but ... the home account does not match the one from the fair! So I'm gonna have to take my vacation much faster. This summer, things will change in my life! It's not bad, it's fine but all this change comes with a little bit stress. That is why I wrote in the title "Hot" not to mention stress! With a lot of work and of course after that with vacation. I'm probably going to be absent more than usual. I still do not know exactly, but it might even be the middle of September when I come back to blog!

I have closed the comments on this message to avoid disappointment ... I do not have time to answer them, but thank you for all your good thoughts that you send to me!

I wish you a pleasant holiday with a lot of relaxation, rest and good pleasure!
Pleasant vacation and a wonderful holiday!


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Fleur and Colr on Wednesday (20) - Hortensia

Declar deschis sezonul hortensiei!
[RO] Sunt atât de ocupată în perioada asta încat nu mai am timp pentru blog. Îmi cer scuze!
Mă gândesc să-mi iau "vacanță" pentru că sunt multe de făcut și puțin timp. Dacă va fii "vacanță" am să va anunț vineri. Până atunci va doresc o zi frumoasă și colorată!

I declare the hydrangea season open!

[EN] I'm so busy during this time that I do not have time for the blog. I apologize! I'm thinking of taking my "vacation" because there is much to do and a little time. If will be "holiday" I will announce you on Friday. Until then, I wish you a beautiful and colorful day and a pleasant week!

Dani  help!!! Acestia sunt niste leandri de la tine, dar cresc asa de greu ... Ce fac gresit?
Trebuie sa-i raresc?

Do you also join "Fleur and Color on Wednesday"?

Monday, 11 June 2018

Netherlands "the beautiful" 2 - Amsterdam - Skylines and views

[RO] Amsterdam este unic în multe feluri. Orașul este cunoscut pentru sticlele sale verzi de Heineken și renumit pentru canalele sale frumoase.

Amsterdam este metropola cea mai frumoasă dintre cele mai frumoase, dar nu aș vrea să locuiesc acolo. De ce? Pentru că este foarte aglomerat și pentru că sunt foarte mulți turiști!

Nu am sa va pot prezenta tot ceea ce eu simt pentru Amsterdam într-o singura postare! Cred ca vor mai urma cateva postari despre acest oras carismatic, dar dupa vacanta! Nu îmi mai sta capul la istorie sau locuri de descoperit din Amsterdam acum. Inca o saptamana sau trei si urmeaza vacanta! Abia astept!

[EN]  Amsterdam is unique in many ways. The city is known for its green Heineken bottles and famous for its beautiful canals.
Amsterdam is a metropolis, the most beautiful of all the prettiest, but I will do not to live there! Why? Because it is very crowded and because there are many tourists!

I will not be able to show you everything what I feel for Amsterdam in a single post! I think it will follow a few posts about this charismatic city, but after the holiday! I am unable now to describe history or "places to discover" in Amsterdam. Another week or three and I have vacation!
I can not wait!

Let's begin with Skylines and views: Amsterdam's city center, Binnenstad, is very old and wellpreserved with a medieval skyline of church spires and other kind of historic towers. The tallest buildings in the old town/city center is Westerkerk (85m). So almost no highrises have been built in the center. Rotterdam and The Hague has a much larger, and taller concentration of skyscrapers in the city center. But that doesn't mean that Amsterdam has no skyscrapers. There are some taller brand new buildings in the harbour just northeast of the central station, at Ooosterdok and Eastern Docklands. The 2 tallest buildings in Amsterdam, Rembrandttoren (150m) and Mondriaan toren, are situated in the Omval district south of the city center, next to Amstel river.

But the largest concentration of skyscrapers is in the outskirts, even more southwards, in the new Zuidas district, also next to Amstel river. Most buildings in Zuidas are only around 100m tall. Zuidas is also known as the "Financial Mile" and have been built around 2010.

More notable areas with smaller concentration of highrises/skyscrapers are Amsterdam Arena and Sloterdijk. There are totally about 7 highrise districts in Amsterdam.

Historical City Center (Binnenstad) skyline:

Seen from the rooftop café at the top of the Openbare Bibliotheek (the new municipal library):

From the left, front: Old Town. In the distance: Omval, Zuidas.

In the background, right, you can see Zuidas. The historic tower in the front middle is Montelbaanstoren.


Towards Amstel business park in Omval district (center). In the far left distance you can see the Amsterdam Arena cluster.

Part of the new library's roof and the floating chinese restaurant and Ooosterdok hrabour with the city center in the background.
NEMO science museum and the new bridges. In the distance you can see the National Maritime Museum.
Seen from the rooftop bar of Kalventoren Shoppingcenter:
The historic Rijksmuseum's 2 towers dominates the pictures, with Zuidas business district in the background.
Towards the church Krijtberg Kerk.
Towards Sloterdijk skyline in the distance.
Kritjberg church, Sloterdijk.
You can see the skyline right through Kalvertoren's rooftop bar.
Westerkerk and other historic towers seen from Raadhuisstraat.
The Dam.
Omval skyline:

Amstel River nera Waterlooplein towards the south with the 2 tallest buildings to the left, in Omval District.
Rembrandttoren, Mondriaantoren and Breitner Center in Amstel Business Park.
Mercure Hotel Amstel and Omval with Amsterdam's 2 tallest buildings.
A water tower and Omval with the 2 tallest buildings in Amsterdam.
Harbour skylines:
Overhoeks area with Toren Overhoeks (80m) and Eye film institute, seen across Lake IJ from the central station.
Eastern Docklands and Ooosterdok from the left: Muziekgebouw (concert hall)/Bimhuis, Mövenpick Hotel/ferry terminal and NEMO.
The same as above plus Ooosterdokeiland (left).
Muziekgebouw (concert hall)/Bimhuis, Mövenpick Hotel/ferry terminal
Oosterdok harbour with St Nicholas churfch (left) and the new Openbare Library to the far right, from there you have magnificent views (see further up the page).
St Nicholas, 2 other churches, Ibis Hotel, Railway station and Sea palace.
Ibis Hotel, one of the few highrises in the city center.
Not exactly the outskirts, but this is just west of the central station.Here you can find newly built modern residential buildings, canals and boat houseses. In the distance you can see Overhoeks.
Zuidas skyline:

The skyline of Zuidas. It is located in the south outskirts of Amterdam, within less then an hour train ride to Schiphol and the Hague.
From the left: ABN-AMRO, Symphony Towers, Ito-toren and The Rock, all in front of the Zuidas train station, that is expected to be the 5th busiest in the Netherlands.
WTC Bldg H behind the train.106m high.Built in 2004. The tallest building in Zuidas, and 3rd tallest in Amsterdam.
World Trade Center, some of the 9 buildings. The road goes above a huge biking parking.
 Skyline of Zuidas seen from the north, with Symphony Towers in the middle.

Overview of the WTC complex.
De Boelelaan towards the East. The highrise to the left is brand new.

East part of Zuidas, at the RAI station. Fro the left: Communication tower and Ernst & Young.

Ernst & Young (87m) from 2007 is the building with the crosses. In the distance is central Zuidas.
Sloterdijk skyline:

A business district in the south part near Sloterdijk station, between Schiphol and Amsterdam Central. Here seen from the train.

Crystal Tower (95m) at Sloterdijk station. It was built in 2002. The square in front of it is called Orlyplein.

Schiphol skyline:

Schiphol Airport skyline. The control tower was the tallest in Europe upon completion.

Commie block suburbs fo Amsterdam.
Amsterdam from the sky.